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Fixed Signs — [Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius] the quadruplicity that exists as the proliferation of a season. They serve to maintain and develop the change of the Cardinal Signs. Houses — the twelve sections of a chart that correspond to various spheres of activity in our lives see here. Imum Coeli — the degree of the zodiac that is directly below the earth at the moment of birth, also known as the Nadir usually the cusp of the Fourth House. Intercepted Signs — signs completely encased within a house and who thus rule no houses in the chart, accompanied by Duplicated Signs.

Masculine Signs — the three fire signs and the three air signs that represent the rational-communicative functions.

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The signs of positive polarity. Medium Coeli — the degree of the zodiac that is directly overhead at the moment of birth, also known as the Midheaven usually the cusp of the Tenth House. Modality — [Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable] the mode of operation of a sign, and the way in which it directs its energies. Mutable Signs — [Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces] the quadruplicity the exists as the end of a season. They serve to transform the developments of the fixed signs to pave the way for cardinal creation. Planets — the ten heavenly bodies that correspond to various drives and energies in our lives see here.

Retrograde — the apparent backwards motion of a planet in our sky due to their relative motion. Stellium — a grouping of 3 or more planets in a sign or house potentially 4 or more depending on the planets involved and the astrologer. Synastry — the study of relationships in astrology utilizing inter-chart overlays and the creation of a composite chart. Transit — the current movement of the planets, and the interaction between them as well as their interaction with a natal chart.

Water Signs — [Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces] the triplicity that represents the function of emotion, and our intuitive abilities. Zodiac — The Circle of Animals. The imaginary belt surrounding the Ecliptic in which the Zodiacal Constellations fall. Note that these are different from the Astrological Signs.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Third is very driven work wise or driven towards something they really want but they are a bit uptight. The rising sign is split into 3 decans.

The decans are divided into 3 sections of 10 degrees each, into a total of 30 degrees. The first decan is between degrees. The second decan is between degrees. The third degree is between degrees.

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If your rising is in a fire sign you will have an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius decan If your rising is in a water sign, you will have a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio decan. If your rising is in an air sign, you will have a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius decan. If your rising is in an earth sign, you will have a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn decan.

Synthesis is the act of understanding the chart as a whole, rather than as separate pieces.

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This makes synthesis one of the most important parts of astrology. Acker; this is a wonderful resource to new and experienced astrologers alike. Consider the decan rulers and house rulerships of the heavenly bodies involved in the aspect. Keep reading. Venus Sign Comic Book: Chapter 1. Originally posted by diablito These people live for a REAL game. They can make people really uncomfortable with their love life.

They seek for people to understand their need to rebel against societal moral codes and standards. A distaste for labels is also apparent.

Taurus Decans

Others are constantly sucker-punched by their alternative works of art. Cancer, a cardinal water sign, marks the first water sign of the astrological season, alluding to the leadership quality that Cancers have.

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They initiate emotional processes, inspiring those around them to get in touch with their own emotional sides. This season, making your needs known and setting boundaries, if not already set, will help you nurture your inner self as well as foster healthy interpersonal skills. This allows you the space to protect yourself and cultivate your inner strength during emotional times.

They use their observation skills to take apart an issue, like crabs picking apart their food, and approach solutions to those issues sideways, an unconventional route that often yields success. During Gemini season we learn the ability to improvise and the importance of concise communication; Applying those lessons to Cancer season, we can learn the importance of allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and become receptive to the changing tides, maneuvering yourself safely through the waters.

Using Cancerian lessons, we can enter Leo season ready to persevere in the times to come and maintain a steady flow of creative energies. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is a rhythmic ebb and flow of energy, changeable yet static, ultimately still reflecting the creative force of the sun. Cancer dwells in the transitional state. Living on the shore, not fully on land and not fully in the sea, Cancer has a duality and synergy. The constellation itself is inconspicuous, and nestled within the heart of the dim crab lays the beehive cluster whose symbolism reflects this complexity in the dual nature of Cancer and its heart.

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I think a lot of you are familiar with decans, especially the one that divides each 30 degree cusp into 3 10 degree cusps where then the placement has a sub ruler. Each sign is split in half into 15 degree decans. All together, despite Aries naturally being a masculine sign will be toned down slightly by this lunar energy. Also known as Decanates, Decans are subdivisions of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. They serve as your subruler with your Sign itself remaining dominant. Your subruler slightly adjusts your Sun Sign, exagerating some aspects and downplays others.

The chart in this post can help you find your Decan. A wheel, a circle, is degrees. There are 12 signs on the zodiac wheel. This means that each one of the 12 zodiac signs gets exactly 30 degrees on the wheel, no more or less. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Knowing this will help you understand decans better.

Knowing the order and the ruling planet of each of the signs is also helpful. Originally posted by starkravinghazelnuts. Work and love are inevitably never separate. These Natives are simultaneously light-hearted and serious about their art. There is a tendency to present an aesthetically pleasing exterior of their relationship to the public while keeping an air of mystery about their loving methods to each other. However, over the course of time, you are subject to the influence of planets transiting your sign.

This influence will vary according to the decan of the sign under which you were born. If the position of the planet Venus is at 16 degrees in the sign Sagittarius, this planet will have an influence on the Sagittarians born in the second decan, but not those born in the first and third decans. Be careful, all the same! While it is easy to understand what a decan is, it is harder, though, to interpret the impact of the decans on a particular sign!

It will involve making a precise and judicious analysis of your chart, paying attention to the position of the planets, their flow and influences, plus their surrounding astrological elements. This is how an experienced astrologer will really be able to determine the influences of these areas of the zodiac on your birth chart and tell you to what extent these will have an impact on you and when.

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