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Unlike Western astrology, each year starts on a different date because the calendar system is different to ours. The Chinese New Year can begin on any day from the end of January to the middle of February, so when looking up your sign, you must take note of when the year actually begins - and ends - especially if you were born in January or February. The Ox is under a bit of pressure this year and will likely feel a bit out of sorts. You might also be prone to anger and annoyance which is very unlike your normally placid character.

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The Ox may find themselves unusually irate this year and should beware of fire. There is also an increased risk of fire causing a calamity for them this year, so do be careful with candles and open fires this year, or else it could end up in disaster. The Tiger could find themselves feeling a little scattered in their focus this year. Good allies for them this year are those born in the year of the Horse.

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There is an increased chance of travel this year, particularly on governmental or diplomatic related matters. You might find themselves lacking in chi this year so they would be wise to seek a natural health practitioners advice or get acupuncture regularly. Also, you might be feeling a bit rebellious and not quite sure of how to express yourself. You do stand a good chance of being involved in innovative projects this year, so I encourage you to trust instincts and inner vision this year.

The Tiger may find their focus scattered, but not in a bad way as there's opportunities for travel and career progress, while the rabbit is feeling rebellious. The Dragon is against the ruling energy of the year The Dog, so could find it a tricky year with many surprise setbacks and disappointments. Be especially careful with travelling and do not go into dark alleyways alone this year. Take extra security measures and if confronted by anyone, remain calm or else matters could escalate with grave consequences.

The Dragon, unfortunately, is in opposition to the Dog and may find they suffer unexpected setbacks, while the Snake could be feeling drained and under pressure - although it's a good year financially. The Snake is a little under pressure this year but does have quite a few good protective stars looking after them this year.

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You could feel a little drained by the double earth energy of this year though so you should take time to rest and relax as often as they can. Financially this should be a fruitful year. The Horse has a lot of energy but needs to work efficiently to avoid burnout. The Horse has a good relationship with the Dog, so could benefit from this year if you know how to work efficiently without getting drained and over tired. Today might not just best stay to have an excellent health condition but you can also look forward to a romantic dinner with your partner, says Ganesha.

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You will spend sparingly in the afternoon. It is fine to make hay while the sun shines, but do not forget to put aside some for a rainy day as well, says Ganesha. Today is one such day when you can do fantastically well by putting aside some money for your family's future. At work, pending tasks may have piled up, but today you shall do well to try and clear the backlog. But all said and done, do not forget to take a break from the routine, says Ganesha.

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Evening promises to be passionate! Today you might receive a jolt as your position of strength will be shaken badly. But you may yet do good if you shift out of the usual and try to start something new, says Ganesha. If you've been wanting to open a joint account, today's your lucky day. Today is the best day to make such decisions as you can also cull out plans for your future in regard to your career growth. Ganesha has spoken. Today is when you've established that you can balance work and family together. In fact, it is that day when the right job has landed on the right table--yours.

Amidst all this, make yourself the quintessential family man at home, suggests Ganesha. Mysteries that have perplexed and plagued you for the past few days will unravel as the curtain draws from the clandestine, laying bare the aspects you needed insight into. Any associations you make today will be beneficial in the long run. Your day will end with a feeling of gratitude and emotional attachment to loved ones, beyond the sweet veneer of material love. You're on the verge of losing hopes as you can't bear the weight of work and responsibilities any more.

But, like the strong individual that you are, you are not going to put your arms down without fighting fiercely. The rollercoaster starts with the Mars conjunction from Jul 13 to Aug You should have a ton of energy with the double dose of Mars retrograde in your sign on Jun This will be both enriching and empowering as this is a very Plutonic type of transit.

You could find that your confidence brings wealth too as you will not fear speaking your truth. Avoiding the illuminated path could result in some shocking news. After that you can loosen your hair and enjoy the Venus trine from Aug 9 to 14 for a romantic interlude. The witchy L ilith conjunction from Aug 28 to Oct 13 complements the Uranian energy very well where you can work your manifesting energy into making the world a more honest place.

All that means is speaking from the heart and the Ceres trine from Sep 11 to 22 will really help open your heart chakra centre in alignment with the earth. This is why it is always so important to spend time in nature. The Venus square from Sep 13 to 22 is also another opportunity to revamp the way you approach relationships. You get a double dose of the goddess of love with the Venus Retrograde square from Oct 18 to There is a huge amount of renovation going on this year, so that you will be a totally new person in There is now a treat of the Jupiter sextile from Nov 8 to Dec This will give you a taster of more joyful and humorous approaches to problems next year with Jupiter fully settled in Sagittarius.

The Ceres square from Nov 17 to 29 could see you suffering minor digestive issues due to the stress of so much change happening all at once. The Venus square is a minor annoyance before Christmas from Dec 6 to 13 , which might be about planning what to do with awkward relatives. You have the ease of no outer planets messing with your mind at all this year. So life is simple with the usual ups and downs of the lesser transits which are easy to cope with on their own.

You do have the remainder of the Jupiter square from Jan 1 to 20, but nothing really major. Use its energy to put into projects that need some boldness. Jupiter does tend to exaggerate and push big ideas to their very limits. At the same time you have the turbo-charged Mars square from Jan 1 to 9.

Together these powerhouse transits can drive you forward with projects that demand great self-confidence and some bare-faced cheek. All this before the Lunar eclipse opposition in your marriage house on Jan This will be great for shining a glaring spotlight over any stagnant energy in relationships. So the next 3 months you will get a refreshing breeze of hope and happiness in all unions with others, romantic or otherwise.

It is interesting that the Ceres opposition from Jan 1 to Feb 6 is also in your marriage house because this could be helpful, healing advice from a counsellor. The Venus conjunction from Jan 26 to Feb 2 also repairs fractured relationships and you will be feeling more tolerant and loving. The Venus square from Apr 8 to 15 is a lot less tolerant though!

You might want to spend time alone working on art projects while the square gives you some sharp edges to chisel with. The soft and yummy Venus trine from May 3 to 10 rewards all your hard work with a big sloppy kiss and cuddle. Take time out to canoodle. The Venus opposition from Jun 23 to 30 is also really lovely for bringing romance into your life, whether it is to put the heart back into an established relationship or to attract a new one into your life.

Relationship re-vamps are on the table with a sexy Solar Eclipse opposition in your marriage house on Aug At the same time the Mercury Retrograde opposition from Aug 4 to 18 is also helpful for re-evaluating what you want from relationships. This time is also great for learning about how other people tick and you might make a connection with a teacher. Guides are around to help you sort out what needs weeding.

Some people can be a challenge but at the same time make you think. You will soon find out you gives you energy despite being difficult, and who are just draining annoyances.

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There are two delicious trines that follow each other and they will help renew your faith in human nature. The Venus trine from Aug 17 to 27 is excellent for taking a holiday with your loved one because it is also followed by the earthly delights of the Ceres trine from Sep 28 to Oct This is marvellous for treating your family to good food, Home cooked if you are a wiz in the kitchen , or just go somewhere where you can pick fruit straight off the tree to your mouth. Eat the Sun! After a relaxing and quiet interlude, there is a passionate period starting with the Mars conjunction from Oct 10 to You are raring to go whether it be with your career ambitions or pursuing a love object.

Once you have the desired goal or person the charming Lilith conjunction from Nov 5 to Dec 31 will keep them or it in your grasp. At the same time the Venus square from Dec 17 to 27 adds a great deal of spice to the affair. Hopefully this should flower into more than just a passing fling as you have the Jupiter sextile to look forward to just in time for Christmas.

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Put your best costume on to receive flamboyant Jupiter on Dec Merry Yuletide! The main treat for your decan is the Jupiter square from Jan 21 to Apr The secret is knowing when to stop and learning self-control. If you are a daring person anyway it might be hard to curb your enthusiasm, just make sure you take a deep breath before you blurt out your big idea or leap into the unknown.

If you are a cautious bod normally then this is the big push you need to inflate yourself. Yeah… go for it. You will be surprised at what you can achieve when you breath sloooowwwwww.

During this period you get the added bonus If you can call it that of the Mars square from Jan 10 to This could do quite a good job of chiselling that rough diamond into the square that you want when Jupiter and Mars overlap from Jan 21 to The Solar Eclipse conjunction on Feb 15 will keep you on your toes in your love life as before it is the florid Venus conjunction from Feb 3 to You are introduced to a new social sphere and a possible new partner too if you are single. No major transits for a while. You can take it easy with an uncomplicated life and get your energy back for dealing with the silly gossip of the Venus square from Apr 16 to Just brush it aside for the nonsense that it is.

Save yourself for the jollity of the happy Venus trine from May 11 to Wow, you do have quite a lot of revising ahead with so many retrogrades and confrontations with the shadow in the oppositions.