March 3 total lunar eclipse astrology

Not only does this direct motion conclude the previous Saturn retrograde, but it also finalizes the total transit of Saturn in Leo, completing a cycle that began nearly 2 years ago.

Now I know this is asking a lot if you are a novice at Astrology, so get close to someone who knows a little more and work together on this. Find a star study pal. If you track these three points , you will know where you are going and when you will get there. There is definitely more to it than this but these are the high points. Good Luck! This concludes the article. Return to Saturn Turns Direct! Mary has collected invaluable astrological secrets that she uses when she unveils your chart.

She has been published in numerous astrological publications and wrote the Monthly Scopes for 12House. She's not one to stutter mindlessly over your chart, but reads its message the moment your birth date hits her eyes. Need to know about a certain date or time? What about that new love or when to launch that new business?

Don't think about it, Call Mary Now. Aries rising : 13 degrees of Virgo will land in your sixth house of health and everyday work.

The First 3 Full Moons Of 12222 Are Supermoons, So All Zodiac Signs Should Prepare For Major Shifts

This will bring an issue to the forefront of your life that needs a careful examination. Full Moon Eclipses produce extremely emotional changes that show up and alter the area of your life where they land. In the 6th house, this is the area of everyday work and health. You may encounter an unexpected change in these areas. The New Moon Eclipse conjunct your natal Sun denotes a big change in your personal life. The conjunction to the Moon often denotes home or career changes. Mercury's conjunction to the Eclipse point delivers a constant stream of challenging communication that needs to be either spoken or learned or communicated in some way.

Mars conjunct or in opposition to the Eclipse point signals action, assertiveness and challenges that deal with personal energy. Jupiter's conjunction always deals with expansion unless it couples with Saturn. Jupiter involves challenges that deal with expansion in what ever area it resides.

Money and travel are also in Jupiter's realm. Saturn's conjunction or opposition are challenges that deal with responsibility. Taking responsibility with the conjunction and giving up responsibility with the opposition. Uranus conjunction and opposition is always about eccentricity, freedom and unexpected desires. You will always be surprised with Uranus in aspect to the eclipse. Neptune's conjunction or opposition is always about illusion, or more, exactly confusion.

Confusion and illusion are two sides of the same coin. This eclipse produces a generous amount of confusion or illusion. Pluto conjunction or opposition to the eclipse demands change almost immediately. It can be challenging for just that reason alone. Pluto always seems to bring with it an intense time and in some cases passionate experience.

The author of this article, Mary MacLean, has been an astrologer for more than 35 years. As an influence that amplifies human action- for better or for worse, eclipses are inwardly transformative periods and ideal for intensified spiritual practices, worship and charitable giving. The planetary influences at the moment of the New Moon indicate themes that will characterize the atmosphere over the next 30 days.

Among the 27 Nakshatras, Moola is among the most intense and profound of the stars. Its associated deity is Nirriti, a contractive goddess who of all things represents scarcity, dissolution, as well as witchcraft and hidden information. She is an antithesis to abundant Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and yet, in Vedic myth, Nirriti is considered to be senior in age to Lakshmi, where Lakshmi bows in reverence to Nirriti and pays regular respects. Since this constellation lies at the center of our galaxy, it has meanings of bestowing one-pointed focus and a desire to see the stark truth of a situation, and to unearth hidden information and pull it up by the root cause.

This being said, the month ahead may be characterized by situation that call for an unsentimental willingness to connect with the truth even if it is not comfortable. Jupiter Enters Sagittarius in November This month Jupiter the Great Benefic planet changes signs on Monday, November 4th to enter sidereal Sagittarius until November 20, As the planet of abundance, wisdom, and overall blessings, the house that coincides with the sign of Sagittarius in one's individual birth chart receives a gracious planetary boost for the next one year.

To offer a general overview as to how Jupiter's transit may play out for each rising sign ascendant , please read on.

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In Vedic astrology, the Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs all provide interrelating layers of important information. Remember that Vedic astrology uses the sidereal Zodiac that is based on the backdrop of the fixed stars, instead of the western Tropical zodiac that is based on the seasons. The dates of the Vedic Sun sign are here as follows approximately, give or take a day or so depending on your exact birth year :.

ARIES: Jupiter's transit through the 9th house of wisdom, ethics, higher education, pilgrimage, teachers, and general Grace encourages noble undertakings motivated by a sense of dharma or one's most innately suitable path of right action. This transit facilitates greater proximity to spiritual teachers or clarity around spiritual practice. Also, for those working in fields of higher education, this transit may be especially professionally favorable. Among one's family members, the 9th house governs one's father, where he may generally benefit this year, or this relationship becomes more significant.

TAURUS: Jupiter's transit through the deeply transformative yet intense 8th house may bring gains that come from unusual or secret sources like inheritance or receiving gifts with complex strings attached. There may be radical acts of free-thinking independence, and secretive or possibly controversial interests like in shamanism, the occult or psychic development.

Be the good king or queen.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

S ocks and panties pulled up and best foot forward is the first order of the month. Certain individuals may fit that frame. However, you, Ms or Mr Fixed sign, are no push-over, and things may not be as urgent as they seem. There are modifying factors in play. The month of Sagittarius is socially obliging and there are few better places for you in December than hanging out with chums and strangers with a cup of good cheer in your hand. Your personal network appears to be in flux; some old sidekicks no longer cut it; new folks arrive to refresh your palate.

Venus — more sociability with added romantic traction — arrives in the Urn Bearer on the 20th, sweetly timed for the festive season. Put yourself about in a charming way — what have you got to lose? Not much at this point in your astrological cycle. And if you are not thinking that way you have catch-up to do. Once Saturn moves into your sign in March, taking responsibility for yourself, being in control, gets so much easier.

Meanwhile, planets incoming in early ease your path. Right now, Venus makes you the good fairy atop the Christmas tree. Indeed, you look positioned to swim, duck, dive and negotiate your way through whatever tricky times arrive. Though you have been obliged this year to deal with The Man — i. Saturn in Cap — chances are you have come out evens. In December too, you have Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio; scary for some but not for you. Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn make the pre-Xmas hurly burly a fertile hunting ground for you and your charisma.

As messenger Mercury finally escapes from the slough of Scorpio, to join the Sun in fellow, fiery Sagittarius, you look nicely hooked-up for the festive season. The weekend of the 6th and 7th finds a waxing Moon in your skies. Later, after the 20th, Venus moves into a highly sociable zone to add bubbles and cheer through to early new year.

The sky darkening above you in Capricorn is another matter.

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Saturn rarely pulls its punches, as April birthdays have been reminded this autumn, a time of challenge…and achievement! Saturn rewards steady effort no slacking and what you achieve under its aegis sticks around for the long term. Your ruler, Mars, is empowered in Scorpio all month, a bright red wild card in your affairs, some of which look jolly secret, clandestine even. Mars in your eighth spells magic, mystery and hot sex.

You can do that. Only now, with Mercury completing its epic, nine weeks in opposition, can you reach clarity with one or more members of your intimate circle, your one-on-ones, those all-important Significant Others. Hopefully you have had time to understand more fully where they are coming from, even if adversity has been involved. On the other hand, the red planet can also describe an invigorating partnership, romantic or platonic. As ruler of your solar seventh house, Mars represents ardent lovers. Go forth in hope. The gathering congregation of planets in Capricorn is broadly favourable, this being a kindred earth sign.

Total Solar Eclipse: March 8th & 9th, 2016 - Sidereal Astrology

Jupiter now arrives there for a twelve month stay and immediately makes a telling aspect to Prometheus in your skies, with a solar eclipse thrown in; a suitable omen for a bolt-from-the-blue solution to a nagging problem, a shower of pennies from heaven, or an invitation to a river cruise. Even if you can conjure up no such thunderbolt, Jupiter resident in Capricorn for twelve months means adding to your resources; new skill sets, more travel, a role as Taurus the Wise. Only now are you free from the messy retrograde of your ruler, Mercury, the one that left you chasing your own tail for much of November.

Or you can just show off a bit.

Eclipses of the Moon

The congregating planets in Capricorn promise both an examination of your financial resources, and the chance to add to them over the next twelve months, as Jupiter moves through your eighth house. In partnerships, 2 and 2 can make 5 quite easily if you pool your assets wisely. If who-pays-for-what is an issue, this winter is the time for adjustment. From the 20th Venus occupies your fellow air sign Aquarius; sweet, but not always great shakes.

In , however, Aquarius will be playing a major role in your affairs, so what are apparently fleeting contacts may come to greater fruition this spring and summer. International associations are highlighted.