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Scorpio is intense and impulsive, but self-disciplined, deeply, almost painfully emotional and yet very reserved, self-confident and proud, but jealous, self-reliant, but very possessive. Scorpio is a Water element sign, which makes it flexible and strongly connected with the emotional and imaginary world.

Scorpio is also a fixed sign, so expression of its energy is steady, concrete, direct and persistent. They are strong individuals, on all levels. Planets in Scorpio do not show their face openly; that is the nature of the Scorpio. The Sun in Scorpio has the most difficult job in astrological terms, because it has to maintain this everlasting inner conflict in a sort of harmonious manner, so that one does not break. Scorpio controls emotions, before everything else and he or she has loads of emotions.

The astrological task of the Scorpio sign is to recognize emotions, to know them and to overcome them. Scorpio is extreme and a very brave character. There is a special kind of inner strength in this independent, mysterious sign. A Scorpio trusts only him or herself. Scorpios are idealists, ready to sacrifice everything in order to fulfill their mission, to reach their ideals, to defend their cause or whatever of the sort.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

They are incredibly imaginative, intuitive and creative people. The Moon is the other side of the coin. The Moon does not rule over or presentation and expression, but feeling and impression. The Moon is the planet of imagination, dreams and emotions. It is changeable, flexible and adaptable. The Moon is what you are, deep inside. It is a Water element planet, with a great influence over all water element sign, ruling primarily over Cancer.

It defines our emotional self and supports our emotional development. It supports everything we have in our Sun sign, nurturing our spirit and guiding us from deep within. Many times people cannot describe why they feel something or even why they made certain decisions or so. The Moon is an inner voice that guides us.

Starstruck: What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Romantic Compatibility

The Moon is of feminine principle, mysterious and magical. The Moon rules over our deepest needs and desires that lie somewhere beyond our conscious mind. The Moon determines the way one is going to react to certain situations in life or in contact with different people. The Moon in Scorpio is drowned in the ocean of intense emotions. Scorpio is one of the Water element signs, meaning the Moon greatly affects its nature. Some astrologers say the Moon has even stronger influence over any of Water element signs that the Sun, even if the sign is a native. They are characterized by strong and mystical, magnetic aura.

Your moon sign can also influence how strongly your Sun sign is expressed. Want to find your true soulmates and kindred spirit? Check out your moon sign and theirs. Chances are, your moons are in compatible signs, or your Sun and moon are in similar signs. Aries Moon Sign. Gemini Moon Sign. Cancer Moon Sign. Leo Moon Sign. Virgo Moon Sign. Scorpio Moon. Sagittarius Moon Sign. Capricorn Moon Sign. Aquarius Moon Sign. Pisces Moon Sign. This might often make them feel lonely and isolated.

Libra natives want fairness in everything while Scorpios are revengeful. While Libras want peaceful atmosphere at home and hate confrontation, Scorpios want emotional drama and passion. Libras look at the bright and positive nature in people whereas Scorpios are attracted to the mysterious and hidden part of people. Usually, Libras accept people the way they are while Scorpios tend to probe and analyze things and is often suspicious. Also, Scorpios may try to manipulate and take control of the relationship.

Both of you really have to be committed to make things work out smoothly. Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign Both of you share the same positive as well as negative traits and are extremely intense in exhibiting your emotions, moody and jealous.

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When one of you turns suspicious, it is even stronger. Since you both are very intense and passionate, the chances for a Scorpio-Scorpio pairing are very low.

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Both of you hide your true feelings and do anything wholeheartedly whether it is love, hatred, anger or loathing. Both of you tend to dwell over your past and can intensify your hidden feelings which could cause resentment. You both like to have secrets and are highly suspicious and cautious in revealing your true emotions.

Since you both are similar in this context, you share a good understanding, but when you fight with each other it will be equally intense and explosive.

Moon in Scorpio

Although both of you may appear calm, there may be burning vengeance or hatred underneath. Both of you want to take control of the relationship and are keen to experience diverse emotional scenarios. Both of you like to engage in challenging or dangerous physical activities. If not possible, they may create personal conflicts among themselves.

If at all you both manage to work things out, then this will turn out to be a strong and passionate relationship. Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign Both of you are very different in your emotional natures and until one of you is ready to compromise a lot, this pairing might not work out. There may be few common ideas and opinions but they are not sufficient to keep the relationship for long term. Sagittarians are optimistic, forward-looking and tend to ignore any bitter experiences in the past, whereas Scorpios are emotionally very intense and tend to dwell over the past.

While Sagittarians are outspoken and share their emotions freely, Scorpios are secretive, suspicious and do not trust anyone very easily. Sagittarians love to talk and socialize with people, whereas Scorpios are inward and asocial. Sagittarians often try to lighten up the moody Scorpios which will often be mistaken as invasive. Sagittarians are friendly, not possessive and love their independent freedom without being questioned or analyzed, whereas Scorpios get deep-rooted with emotions and loved ones and are highly jealous and possessive.

If both of you are willing to accept your differences, then there are slight chances of saving the relationship.

Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign Both of you have great respect and admiration upon each other and will share a friendly and romantic relationship. You both are loyal, committed and extremely cautious in trusting anybody. Both of you are quiet and tend to hide your true feelings, but for varied reasons. Though you both can be best friends, it is the differences that could cause problem between you two.

Capricorns try to keep an emotional distance and restrain from expressing their emotional needs to be taken care of. Often Capricorn natives may appear blank and detached and takes everything very seriously. They may regard material accomplishment and success more important than emotional expression and happiness. Scorpios on the other hand are emotionally intense and secretive.

They may tend to brood over the past which can lead to quilt and resentment. Neither of trust anyone that easily and are afraid of being weak, which can prevent both of you from being open with each other.

Scorpio Moons: Strong Emotions and Powerful Sexuality

Capricorns can help Scorpios on how to be more practical and Scorpios can help Capricorns to be comfortable with their sensuality. Both of you are emotionally very deep and cannot be superficial; hence can build a strong and wonderful relationship together. Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign Both of your emotional temperaments are very different that unless both of you are willing to make compromises. However, you both are inflexible and neither of you will change for your partner.

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Scorpios are emotionally intense and get deeply attached to their loved ones. They are extremely possessive, jealous and manipulative, whereas Aquarians like to be independent, less emotional and do not like to be controlled. Scorpios are reserved and secretive while Aquarians like to socialize and have intellectual conversations. Aquarians are in constant need of mental stimulation for which they will socialize with intellectual groups which will make the Aquarians jealous.

In order to control their partners, they may tend to be more manipulative. Scorpios are very emotional and become obsessed with a desire, whereas Aquarians appear emotionally detached and emotionless.

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