Pisces woman and pisces man love compatibility

Now, before him is the Pisces woman who he feels is his soul mate. The Pisces male invests all when he loves.

Pisces Woman Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Because both parties are shy, they may be a bit anti-social too. But, confinement leads to excess in familiarity. Without others entering their world, this couple may grow bored. They might run out of stories to tell one another. This pair will do well if they encourage friendships.

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They should encourage each other to engage in activities outside of the relationship. It will give them fresh experiences to share with one another. It will also provide them with new methods for ensuring relationship longevity. Time apart makes the heart grow fonder. When the Pisces Man and Pisces Woman get together can be supportive and nurturing. They tend to inspire one another. But, if the Pisces Man and Pisces Woman are out of balance in any way, trouble brews. The Pisces female is sometimes passive aggressive.

The Pisces male, despite the water element influence, might become aggressive in response. The Pisces Man and Pisces Woman develop an uncanny connection. This is because they are so intuitive. They might not recognize some of the real psychic abilities they have and use. Dreams and clairsentience are some of the sensory intake sources Pisces masters.

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Friendship, Sex & Love

Their telepathic connection keeps the Pisces to Pisces love match a special connection. The ability to predict thoughts and actions means problems can arise before manifestation! Pisces a can catch each other in white lies before the lie happens! But, he head is already cut off by the metaphorical guillotine! The Pisces male is already cutting up her credit cards in his mind. Due to their introverted nature, sex can prove awkward during the initial stages.

They may feel as if they are diving into waters they are not sure about! Thank the Divine that Pisces personas are so adaptable.

Pisces and Pisces Love Compatibility

They can start out slow while learning from their partner. They soon discover what the partner might enjoy in the bedroom. The physical closeness and level of experimentation develop over the course of time. Shy and not at all forward, Fifty Shades Darker makes both Pisces men and women blush! Sexual freedom of that level takes the ability to talk about sex. When these two do open to one another, it intensifies Pisces and Pisces compatibility. The myth associating with Pisces demonstrates the true closeness of a Pisces pair.

In the Greek myth, there is a story where Typhon is a monster even the Gods fear. He descends upon Olympus one day, and the gods and goddess turned into animals when running to safety. According to some stories, Aphrodite and Eros her son turn into fish and dive into the Euphrates. Other stories tell of two fish bringing the god and goddess to safety. It demonstrates that there is no greater love then the Pisces and Pisces pair.

The water is the environment for fish and the element influences this pairing. They dream together and share great compassion for one another. They are deep thinkers and share similar views of the world. What they share in thoughts and beliefs draws them ever closer together.

The trick to making the Pisces and Pisces love match happen is in getting them together in the first place. In the Pisces and Pisces relationship, the partners love to be alone and to dream about the future. Social butterflies they are not. Picture the scene. Pisces is at a group party or company celebration. But, their sense of obligation outweighs their social phobias. When they arrive at the gathering, they offer a few friendly greetings. Then they head for the first darkened corner they can find.

As they stand alone, they glance around the room. Direct insight in the opposite darkened corner of the room is another Pisces wallflower! This is a typical meeting between the shy Pisces personalities. Otherwise, fate and strange synchronistic events bring them together.

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They reflect on what the other needs for balance in some instances. In others, they have matching needs and interests. Breaking into a conversation opens the door, and they recognize their uncanny connection. Intuition is one of the characteristics leading to Pisces and Pisces compatibility. It allows them to communicate without speaking. An outsider observer thinks a romantic Pisces pair is saying nothing.

The Pisces Man dreams big. The Pisces Woman supports his dreams while adding dimension to them. She makes him want to experience what life can offer them. She inspires him to follow his dreams.

Pisces Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

The Pisces Man helps the Pisces Woman shed the emotional shell she hides in all the time. Their bond grows fast. It moves from friendship to love in a heartbeat. It moves from love to spiritual when trust develops. The main reasons for their behavior are their past hurts which still keep preventing them from relaxing and enjoying a committed relationship with some other person who deserves being with them and would never hurt them.

When these men get disappointed in someone, especially in the woman they love, they become almost depressed and cannot easily get out of the negativity which overwhelms them. Love instantly turns into disappointment, resentment, and anger, which these men can carry along for a long time.

Many of them reach for other means to console their pain, such as drugs and alcohol, and that causes even bigger problems in their lives. When a woman hurts them, many of these men begin changing partners and cheating on their girlfriends using that behavior as a form of revenge. Pisces men are often very secretive and tend to keep their private matters to themselves. Not even the people who know them best know all of their secrets.

Pisces and Leo Compatibility

They also know how to hide the truth and they can be perfect manipulators with facts and use that ability to deceive other people. Pisces women also possess these traits. Neptune, the planet which rules their sign is the main responsible for these traits. Neptune rules secrets, dreams, illusions, deceit, lies, betrayals, etc.

These men are very good at cheating in any form. If they decide to deceive you, there is not much chance you could discover them. They are often able to maintain parallel relationships without any of the partners discovering that fact. These men women also can be masters of deception and creating illusions even themselves believe in. Although they can be prone to cheating and changing partners, most of them have a genuine desire for an emotional bliss with a woman they could merge their souls and body with.

When that woman appears in their lives, they can become obsessed with her up to the point of beginning to suffocate her with their love and presence.