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Lal Kitab Red Book * BP Lama Jyotishavidya

Order Now. Punit Pandey. Close Feedback. AmarKantak Shakti Peeth, Sona Shakti Peeth, Kamakhya Shakti Peeth , Jayantia Shakti Peeth, Patna Shakti Peeth, Tristrota Shakti Peeth, Tripura Shakti Peeth, Vibasha Shakti Peeth, Kurukshetra Shakti Peeth, Yogadaya Shakti Peeth, Virat Shakti Peeth, Kalipitha Shakti Peeth, Manasa Shakti Peeth, Nellore Shakti Peeth, Gandaki Shakti Peeth, Pasupathinath Shakti Peeth, Hingula Shakti Peeth, Sugandha Shakti Peeth, Karota Shakti Peeth, Chattal Shakti Peeth, Yashor Shakti Peeth Shastrishree Dr.

Dasha-Mahavidya : 1. Who offers the ultimate knowledge which gives salvation also known as Neel Saraswati. Bhairavi : The Fierce Goddess. Chhinnamasta : The Self-Decapitated Goddess. Dhumavati : The Widow Goddess,or the Goddess of death. Rupnathji is a Dashamahavidya siddha World Famous Guru.

All kind of problems in human life are derived from the ignorance.

You need to destroy your ignorance through the right knowledge if you want to be free from all of your problems. Remember, knowledge is your birthright and the real knowledge only comes from the heaven through Siddhas, Yogis and Rishis who has mastered the science and art to activate the whole brain and reach to Super Consciuos State to connect with cosmic intelligence, the Eternal Light of Spirit God.

These days it has become popular to recommend some jewel as a remedial measure. They are not traditionally recommended as a remedial measure. Rupak Nath. Remedies the solutions that will help you to overcome complicated situations in your life. These Remedies are the perfect solutions for appeasement of negative planets that influence greatly on your horoscope. Sometimes when there is chaos on the Earth Vishnu visits the earth in various forms such as the Ram, bull or lion.

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These symbols were found on temple walls dating back 7, years, and are still used in Astrology today with the signs of Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull and Leo the Lion. Booking and Payment procedure Mobile Version. Rupak Nath ". World's No. Vashikaran Visit : www. Black-Magic Kala Jadu Visit : www. Rupak Nath Shastrishree Dr. About Guruji All Revealed from your Face :. The name was offered by Jagad Guru H. He was awarded by Ph. Medicine , Regd. Medical Practitioner No. He also awarded by D.

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Sanskrit Darshan, Tantra. Astrology and Vastu.

Lal Kitab L NO .1 Samudrika Shastra.

Rupnathji also nationally, internationally recognised project scientiest. Rupnathji has taught rare spritual growth process in the Kundali Jagaran Yoga Vidya Tradition for several years.

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Remedial Suggestions For Patients :. Valued Remedial Suggestion is given by Shastrishree Dr. Where one stops the other takes over. Tantra Specialist. Part-1 Siddha Yogi Shastrishree Dr.